Welcome to the Fall release schedule

Dearest Friends of Histamine Tapes

Its Epic Games Friday!!! errh I mean Bandcamp Friday!!!!

I have two fun new things for you all and an exciting way for you to enjoy them.

First off is the release of Gondola by Diskless. It completes the journey that began with Dive’s descent into the abyss of the ocean, and takes you up into the clouds. I won’t mince words hear, this is a challenging release. My first listen through left me feeling like I just emerged from an encounter with psychedelics. This album demands and deserves your undivided attention. I recommend taking some time to be by yourself, and get completely immersed in this.


Speaking of immersion: my first document of the Winooski river using the Immersion Sturgeon hyrdrophone by Crank Sturgeon is up now for your listening pleasure. Initially constructed as a tongue and cheek response to Daniel Ek’s (Spotify Lord) call for more content if artist want to get paid. What I present to you is two long form pure field recordings of the river. What I presented to the digital distributors was the same recordings hacked up into minute long pieces.


Like all digital only releases of 2022 money raised from this album will be donated to One Tree Planted

I also want to keep you all in the loop about what’s coming up for Histamine Tapes.

October will see the return of Jo Bled. They’ve got something very epic cooked up for us. Two longform pieces for prepared gong. I had no idea what to expect from these, and what I found is they are way dronier that I could have imagined. This fits very nicely in the HT oeuvre. Get a taste here: https://histaminetapes.bandcamp.com/track/breath-work-excerpt

October will also see the release of the annual Antihistamine No Synth Compilation. If your interested in taking part reach out to me a histaminetapes@histaminetapes

The year will end with a release from one of Igloo Martian’s projects (there has been a change it will no longer be the Howdy’s Hem album I previously promoed) and a tape from Portland Oregon’s Ambient Hip Hop act NEW INJURIES. Teaser of that album coming soon. newinjuries.bandcamp.com

Last but certainly not least is the first in a long time Histamine Tapes Discount Code! Take 20% off all HT merch with code labor22 This code is valid through Monday at 11:59 pm (so expect another email Monday morning)

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