Happy Bandcamp Friday! I’m sitting here in my living room getting comfy. I’m sipping tea while listening to the latest from Joakim Blattman on Dinzu artefacts, and in general feeling super grateful for this moment to reflect on such a stellar year in music.

I’m stoked to highlight that moment with the latest Antihistamine synth free compilation. This is one is clearly a masterpiece. I chose the theme of water this year, since I have become very much obsessed with recordings of water. Especially hydrophone, so much that I had to get my own. It was my hope to get a lot of that in this years Antihistamine, but honestly I was just excited to inspire folks to make music that they felt connoted water, and oh my did they deliver. There are lots of field recordings of rain, rivers, and ocean waves, but also guitar lines that swell like those waves, and accordion that flows through out a piece and many droners that make you feel like your floating. In many ways all music is like water in someway. Sound is inherently liquid, while being something else entirely.

I hope you all give it a listen and enjoy it as much as I do. Bonus it is also HT’s 80th release. That feels like a really fun mile stone!


As with previous net label releases Antihistamine will raise funds for One Tree Planted who vow to plant one tree for every dollar donated. I have already given them $150 this year, and I would love to give them a nice Christmas Bonus.

Now for the tapes. It’s that time of year when I need to make room for next years tapes, and I haven’t cleared much space this year. So I have dropped the price on all cassettes to $6. I’m also open to trades, so if you see something you like and want to send me your tape I’d love to make that happen.

As much as this post seems to conclude that the year is over (what is time anyway?), that is not the case. There is still one more tape release left for 2022 and its from Portland Hip Hop artist NEW INJURIES. I know seeing the words hip hop in association with HT seems somehow not right, and you would mostly be correct in that assumption, I promise you this is still in line with the aesthetic of the label. Mario makes beat music that leans more ambient and experimental, and after hearing Make Techno Black Again I was hooked and immediately wanted to put that kind of music on tape. Serendipitously Mario took an interest in HT and I’m excited to share what he’s been working on.

Here’s some of his previous work:


And here is a teaser of the new album


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