Histamine Tapes started as an idea in 2016 as I began to search for cassette labels to release a batch of albums I made several years ago as Subversive Intentions. Many of the labels I came across had either no contact info or very vague demo policies. I don’t fault any of these labels for choosing that style. I imagine its easier to curate your label without recieving a bunch of demos, but a simple “we don’t except demos” would have been nice.

I found few labels that I felt like my music was a fit for. There are countless “experimental” labels out there doing almost exclusively electronic experimental music, vaporwave and the like. Cassettes drowning in Synthesizer. What I hope to create is a home for music makers manipulating more organic sounds that aren’t midi controlled. (For the record I have nothing against that. These are totally valid and amazing musicians doing there thing, I just feel like the market is saturated).

My goal is to do small runs of cassettes seasonally, starting with two releases a season, with the hope of expanding if I’m successful. I will also be acting as a netlabel, and will release many more albums through Histamine Tapes exclusively online via free download. Naturally cassette releases will fill up fast so when contacting me specify if your flexible with a netlabel release.

All purchases of cassettes or digital downloads can be made via our bandcamp page.

All over inquiries, or demo submissions can be sent to: histaminetapes@gmail.com