Lazy Cooking by Takahiro Mukai Out Now

The fiftieth release on Histamine Tapes is out now. A warm and fuzzy jaunt into the world of droning ambient beats from prolific JapanesecomposerTakahiroMukai. As always dubbed on to reused and hand spliced tapes. The album art comes from a local food magazine that ran a feature on eating the rainbow. There are 6 different colors spread out over 36 tapes. 10 of which will be available in Japan via Takahiro.

Get your tape here:

2021 and Beyond

Due to the obvious 2020 was a shit year. I hate to celebrate it when it was so tragic for so many people, but for Histamine Tapes 2020 was a surprisingly successful year. I’m really bummed I didn’t get to release all the tapes I wanted to however all the tapes I did put out sold better than in previous years. I don’t care to spend the energy speculating why, I’m just grateful for that.

2020 also gave me the opportunity to expand the net label side of HT which is something I wanted to emphasize more from the beginning but really haven’t had the time for. There were 3 compilations, and great releases from myself and Jacob Levesque, MUTATE, and Steven Lichti and Pete Rahn. If you missed these please go hunt them down on the Histamine Tapes bandcamp.

I also had the opportunity to release the first HT vinyl which feels weird to celebrate since I had no part of its creation. None the less is very cool and a very beautiful LP.

2021 will begin with the 50th release. This milestone and the way the past year panned out has got me thinking about the way HT operates. I really liked doing fewer releases last year, so I’m planning on making that a permanent change. It helps me focus more on each album and making sure I get the time to promote them all individually. So no more releasing bundles all at once.

This year will showcase more diversity in genre you’ve seen from me in the past. I feel like I’ve acquired this reputation as an ambient music label, and want to make it clear I’m not that exclusively. In fact the first release of the year is rhythmic. That being said your not going to be seeing any pop or EDM from here any time soon. This music is all still very much experimental and weird as hell. I’ll even be releasing my first offering to the harsh noise community; plus there’s more free jazz, improvised music and doom metal on the way.

In other news I’m beginning to do research into digital distribution. Its likely a long way off, and will begin only with my own releases but you may in the future be able to find some of the HT catalog on streaming services.

The first release of 2021 will be out February 23rd from Japanese minimalist techno composer Takahiro Mukai. Surely many of you have heard of Takahiro as their work is on just about every tapelabel on the planet right now. Get a taste of the album Lazy Cooking below.

Marstrand’s Simeon

A new year is dawning, all the 2020 best of lists have been filed and forgotten about and here I am dropping the last album of the year. Or maybe this is the very first of 2021?

Marstrand closes out 2020, not with a bang, not with a middle finger, but with a sigh of relief. 90 minutes of sometimes haunting, sometimes noisy, but always contemplative ambient music. Maybe this help you make a pleasant transition into the age Aquarius!

Grab a tape here:

are you tired by mourning dove

This is a release defined by dynamics and the voice and words of the person behind mourning dove Elena Botts. At times frenetic with noise, at others silent aside from the voice, this is an album that won’t sit contently in the background. It demands your attention and deserves it. In many ways this is the soundtrack from the pandemic. Botts seems equally adept at producing anxiety and calming the nerves.

I’m very excited to present this work to you. I hope you all can spare a moment in the holiday hustle to give this a listen. Also tapes make super rad presents!

Lichti Rahn Illogical Irrational Dimensions

Happy Bandcamp Friday! I am once again attempting to push a new release on this day, as silly as that is.

The duo is Steven Lichti from Montpelier whose previous projects include July 26th Movement, and Peter Rahn who recently moved to Portland Maine from Vermont who is also in Lake Superior.
With this release the duo (Licht alternating bass and guitar and Rahn on Drums) bring spontaneous compositions based on shared reference points.

Available on vinyl and digital at the link below and also in store at Buch Spieler in Montpelier. More stores coming soon!

Antihistamine 2020: 19 Seconds of Sound

Here it is! The 4th Annual No Synth Compilation

I hoped to fill this COVID time with so many collaborations. I imagined vastness of empty hours filled tinkering with pedals, and homemade instruments, and mashing all those sounds in totally meaningless ways in a DAW. Then I woke up from that dream and remembered I am a father and an essential worker.

My experience attempting a collaboration ( left me realizing that most of us are essential workers. This myth in the media of the many waiting at home for jobs to open up, or triaging zoom meetings is simply not a reality for most folks, particularly in the U.S. and particularly among musicians. In order to put foods on our table, many of us have had to keep putting food on other folks tables, or drive folks around, or take care of peoples children . . . The long story short is that folks haven’t had the time to create anything.

So that gave me the idea to make this years no synth compilation accessible to those with a lack of time. It is a simple theme. Just send me 19 seconds of sound. Any sound, Any Genre, just no synth,

I’ve very impressed what the artists here came up with, and think you all will be as well.

Subversive Intentions European Distribution

I’m very excited to announce that Finnish label Totes Format ( and Histamine tapes have teamed up to help bring our music to a wider audience. 

Totes will begin producing Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene  on CDR for distribution in their part of the world. In turn I will be making available one of label head’s Coldsore releases on tape. That should be coming next spring. Not sure yet when the SI CDRs will be available.

Upcoming releases on Histamine Tapes

I’m finally getting together a proper schedule of upcoming releases. This will soon be reflected in the Upcoming section of my website which hasn’t been updated since pre pandemic times.

First off is the annual Antihistamine No Synth comp. This year’s theme is 19 second tracks. That will be released in the next couple of weeks.

November will bring a new release on bandcamp friday. Histamine Tapes first vinyl release! This will come in the form of improvised music from the duo of Steven Lichti and Pete Rahn.  You can familiarize your self with their previous work while we wait for records to come.

The next cassette release is from DC based mourning dove. The album is called  “are you tired”  this one has lyrics even.  But don’t worry it’s still totally weird! Keep an eye on the HT Instagram in the coming days to get a look at the art for that.

December I’ll be bringing you a tape from Swedish ambient instrumentalist Marstrand. Their past work has appeared on Do You Dream of Noise. 

January I’m taking a break, but February I’ll be releasing new work from Japanese composer Takahiro Mukai.

Even more TBA.

Bandcamp Friday Bonus

This Friday only (that’s tomorrow!) buy my 6 tape box set The Feathered Cephalopod Journal and get a tape of My Eyes Are on Mute, my lofi ambient techno. It’s never before been on tape and comes housed in one of those envelopes that used to be on the back page of every library book.

This is a one day only offer and after that the nd dentico tape will be dubbed over

Subversive Intentions – Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene (HT046)

Its probably clear to all of you that follow me by now that this is a very important release for me. Initially when COVID hit I figured I wasn’t going to be releasing any tapes for the rest of the year. Some how I mustered the energy and found slivers of time to work on the art for this and a couple other releases. It wasn’t easy or pleasant all the time, but it felt super important to get this release out.

And here it is. Existing in the world as a record of my own mixed emotions of being in a world effected by man made climate change. From what all the authorities in my early life, I assumed I would live to see these changes but here we are and its really fucking scarey. I know this kind of fear mongering is probably not the best way to drum up tape sales, but SI has been, if nothing else, a very raw and honest representation of my reaction to the world.

I genuinely hope you all enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene (HT046)