Antihistamine: The Second Annual No Synth Compilation

This is the second annual no synth compilation. This year I have adopted a new name for it: Antihistamine. I’m also going with a theme: Sound Collage. So send me your best cut-up, sonic tapestry, audio scraping booking opus; so long as it’s got no synth.

Some details:

there can be no synthesizers used in the making of your track*
no HNW (just be sparing with your harsh noise usage)
Keep tracks under 10 minutes
Clearly denote artist and track name
unreleased material only
please send some liner notes (in particular I want to know about
your process and the instruments used
All tracks must be in some way “experimental.” No pop and nothing
dancey, I prefer music without a beat
WAV or FLAC only
WeTransfer tracks to

Compilation will be digital only release @ aa a pay what you want download

*I’m looking for things that do not use electronically generate sounds as its primary sources. Using a computers to process real instruments is with effects is totally fine.

You can RSVP on facebook


Summer Reviews

A bunch of reviews have a recently came in! Some very kind words about the Summer releases, and my first couple of releases too.

Open Colour by Blanket Swimming


Spring Bundle Released

Its finally starting to feel like spring in Vermont, just in time for that is a spring batch of releases. Three distinct aural incarnations of experimental ambient music.

NUM is an electronic duo formed by Milad Bagheri and Maryam Sirvan in 2010 in northern Iran where the Alborz mountains meet the Caspian sea. The duo is now based in Tbilisi, Gerogia.
The concentration of NUM is on experimental electroacoustic music where they can create unique atmospheres by combining processed acoustic sounds and natural sonic materials with electronics.

I’m very exciting about this work from Kansas native Zs Lawrence aka Endless Chasm. His work inspired me to submit my own work to another cassette label. these quiet drones are right at home at Histamine Tapes

A collection of slasher drones, from Ontario’s building castles out of matchsticks

The premise of these recordings are the traumatic histories involved with horror movie “slashers”. In real life I work as a nurse on a forensic assessment unit and have seen how dissociation can lead to major psychosis, which then paves the way for violent offending. When a judge feels a psychiatric evaluation is required they are seen by the team that work on my unit. I have worked with many violent/sexual offenders who have incredibly horrific and painful past histories.

I often wonder if removing these histories would have resulted in a totally different person.


These tapes are moving very fast. Get your copy today. If you want all three at a discount price follow the link and scroll down to “Spring Bundle”



Winter Bundle Released!

  1. Its with great pleasure that I  present Histamine Tapes first batch of releases!

Available to streaming, for pay what you want download, and on cassette!

These tapes were a labor of love. Each cassette dubbed in real time (limited to 25 copies). J-Cards were hand cut from a variety of coffee table books. The music represented here is nothing short of amazing. I’m failing to come up with words describe just how I feel about them. I have listened to them all countless times, and I will continue to listen to them more. I honestly feel you will all do the same!

Get your own copy on bandcamp. If cassette isn’t your thing, please consider dropping a few bucks on a download, all proceeds from that will be split with the artists.

Click the links below to purchase individual albums, or save some cash on the whole bundle by choosing the Winter Bundle option under the link for sp3ct3cr’s micro doses. Download codes can be provided for the other releases in the bundle if you want the digital version available on your bandcamp account.

Jacob Levesque Move, Work, Architectural Witch

Jeff Brown Reticent

sp3ct3rs micro doses

Subversive Intentions Variations on the Seinfeld Theme


No Synth Compilation Published!

It began with a simple premise: gather tracks for a survey of experimental music that doesn’t include synthesizer. I have often found my music to seem out of place on other compilations. Paired with vaporwave, plunderphonics, and the many midi driven tracks produced by Ableton technicians; my pieces felt so primitive. Granted I loved that diversity, I found myself craving an environment that my music felt “right” in.

That’s when Histamine Tapes was born.

This compilation serves as a manifesto of sound for HT. It gives it a direction to take off on, and what an amazing direction! These are all excellent tracks, combining to be one of my favorite comps this year (ok I’m biased, I know). Many artists took this opportunity to showcase what they do, others took it as a challenge to create outside the box of synthesizer music, still others were offended or constrained by this rule and scoffed at it. The result is something I’m very proud of, and glad to house at Histamine Tapes.


Final Day for No Synth Comp

The day has arrived! If your wanting to get in on the No Synth Compilation this year today is the day to get your submission to me. I will be accepting submissions until midnight EST (unless other arrangements have been made). At this point I am only waiting on submissions from a couple of artists, so this should come out pretty quickly. I will be spending the next week giving this a thorough listen and adjusting volumes of the louder and quieter pieces.

The pieces I have received so far are exceptional. Thanks to everyone who has taken up the challenge of the no synth compilation! You are all amazing!

Call Out For Submissions to Compilation
This is my first call out for a compilation. Its a pretty simple one to go along with the ethos of HT: the first annual No Synth Noise Compilation. Its open to any genre of experimental music. There are only a few restrictions:

there can be no synthesizers


used in the making of your track, and

please no HNW (just be sparing with your harsh noise usage).
Some other details:

Keep tracks under 10 minutes (I’ll be doing a long form Compilation in the


Clearly denote artist and track name

I prefer previously unreleased material

I would love to include any information you feel is pertinent to the track (i.e.

instruments used, liner note type of information) or any artwork.

WAV or FLAC only

WeTransfer tracks to

Compilation will be digital only release on the HT bandcamp as a free

Deadline: Dec 1 2017

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