Antihistamine 2020: 19 Seconds of Sound

Here it is! The 4th Annual No Synth Compilation

I hoped to fill this COVID time with so many collaborations. I imagined vastness of empty hours filled tinkering with pedals, and homemade instruments, and mashing all those sounds in totally meaningless ways in a DAW. Then I woke up from that dream and remembered I am a father and an essential worker.

My experience attempting a collaboration ( left me realizing that most of us are essential workers. This myth in the media of the many waiting at home for jobs to open up, or triaging zoom meetings is simply not a reality for most folks, particularly in the U.S. and particularly among musicians. In order to put foods on our table, many of us have had to keep putting food on other folks tables, or drive folks around, or take care of peoples children . . . The long story short is that folks haven’t had the time to create anything.

So that gave me the idea to make this years no synth compilation accessible to those with a lack of time. It is a simple theme. Just send me 19 seconds of sound. Any sound, Any Genre, just no synth,

I’ve very impressed what the artists here came up with, and think you all will be as well.

Subversive Intentions European Distribution

I’m very excited to announce that Finnish label Totes Format ( and Histamine tapes have teamed up to help bring our music to a wider audience. 

Totes will begin producing Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene  on CDR for distribution in their part of the world. In turn I will be making available one of label head’s Coldsore releases on tape. That should be coming next spring. Not sure yet when the SI CDRs will be available.

Upcoming releases on Histamine Tapes

I’m finally getting together a proper schedule of upcoming releases. This will soon be reflected in the Upcoming section of my website which hasn’t been updated since pre pandemic times.

First off is the annual Antihistamine No Synth comp. This year’s theme is 19 second tracks. That will be released in the next couple of weeks.

November will bring a new release on bandcamp friday. Histamine Tapes first vinyl release! This will come in the form of improvised music from the duo of Steven Lichti and Pete Rahn.  You can familiarize your self with their previous work while we wait for records to come.

The next cassette release is from DC based mourning dove. The album is called  “are you tired”  this one has lyrics even.  But don’t worry it’s still totally weird! Keep an eye on the HT Instagram in the coming days to get a look at the art for that.

December I’ll be bringing you a tape from Swedish ambient instrumentalist Marstrand. Their past work has appeared on Do You Dream of Noise. 

January I’m taking a break, but February I’ll be releasing new work from Japanese composer Takahiro Mukai.

Even more TBA.

Bandcamp Friday Bonus

This Friday only (that’s tomorrow!) buy my 6 tape box set The Feathered Cephalopod Journal and get a tape of My Eyes Are on Mute, my lofi ambient techno. It’s never before been on tape and comes housed in one of those envelopes that used to be on the back page of every library book.

This is a one day only offer and after that the nd dentico tape will be dubbed over

Subversive Intentions – Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene (HT046)

Its probably clear to all of you that follow me by now that this is a very important release for me. Initially when COVID hit I figured I wasn’t going to be releasing any tapes for the rest of the year. Some how I mustered the energy and found slivers of time to work on the art for this and a couple other releases. It wasn’t easy or pleasant all the time, but it felt super important to get this release out.

And here it is. Existing in the world as a record of my own mixed emotions of being in a world effected by man made climate change. From what all the authorities in my early life, I assumed I would live to see these changes but here we are and its really fucking scarey. I know this kind of fear mongering is probably not the best way to drum up tape sales, but SI has been, if nothing else, a very raw and honest representation of my reaction to the world.

I genuinely hope you all enjoy listening to this as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene (HT046)

Subversive Intentions’ Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene

The next release on Histamine Tapes comes out next friday and is from my very own Subversive Intentions project. Here’s a long blurb about it:

This has been the most involved work I’ve ever done as a musician, and the album I am perhaps the most proud of and excited to present to you all. I’ve been working at reduced rate over at Histamine Tapes, but this was one release I had to put out this year. It is far too important and has been waiting to long to be out in world. It has taken about three years to reach this point.

It began back around the time that I started Histamine Tapes. I was conjuring ideas of the kind of sound I wanted the label to have and at the time I went deep into the SI back catalog to remember what excited me the most about experimental music. I then realized that my sound has gotten so much more polished over the years, which isn’t really a bad thing, but it was a thing, and I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be that way. So I set out to regain that lo fi sensibility of the early years, when I just had the cheapest of 1/8″ jack computer mics to record with.

I figured the mic on my cellphone would approximate. Over the course of two years and two different cellphones, I began to compile as many recordings as I possibly could. It was until the spring of 2019 that I sat down to listen to what I had compiled. What I discovered was my cellphone (actually two different Samsung Galaxy smart phones) had a pretty decent mic on it and this was not going to be the lo fi revival I thought it would be. It was however an opportunity to revisit the cut up methodology that had dominated my early albums.

This editing work, what I think of as the actual composition process for any SI album, took place under the back drop of the Trump led U.S. exit of the Paris climate accord, the U.N.’s report on global climate change, and climate activists like Greta Thunberg and Autumn Peltier becoming a part of our popular discourse. This coupled with my own anxieties about the technology I use to produce music (cellphones/computers/consumer electronics) and its impact on the environment, it only made sense that this would be my “Climate Change” album.

This album does not posit any solutions. Other than “listen to scientists.” Like most of my albums its more of a meditation on a subject/ way to deal with my anxiety around an issue. I tried to pair as much as possible mechanical/technological sounds, with natural environmental sounds, as a statement about our presence in the world and our impact on it. We are of this world, and we are in it, and at the same time destroying it. We are burning our own house down. This is the legacy of centuries of White Supremacy. This is the end result of the experiment of colonialism. Destroy the World, then find a new one. Hence the title: Not the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene. Intended to be read : Not “the” as in it is only “a” soundtrack. We all need to tell this story.

This album arrives one week from today on reclaimed cassettes with jcards cut from a vintage children’s book on firefighters. Get it at

Bandcamp Friday

Hello friends of Histamine Tapes as many have likely informed you tomorrow is yet another bandcamp Friday.  Meaning bandcamp won’t be taking its revenue share.

This time around I have something for you all.  A new tape! This release comes from Cloud Dweller from out of Pennsylvania. Some of you maybe familiar with Glenn via his Endangered Species Tapes imprint, or other work as Two Years on Welfare or studio work at Cavernlands. Glenn brings all the crackling lofi feels with this latest release: a melange of OP1 synth, field recordings and piano!

Keep an eye on this space tomorrow!

Antihistamine 2020: 19 Seconds of Sound

After starting a number of musical projects this year I have discovered that many of us are far too busy to be making music (myself included)
Therefore this years no synth compilation is a short and easy one. send me a track that is 19 seconds long. anything goes, just no synthesizer.
send only one track (don’t make me choose)
wav and other lossless formats only
format file name as: artist – track name.wav
send tracks via to
deadline 10/01/2020
Seriously only 19 seconds long!


RSVP Here for updates

The COVID-19

Back in April feeling overwhelmed by the pandemic and stifled creatively due to a lack of childcare, I began corresponding with a number of musicians about a large ensemble piece.

The original idea was to assemble 19 musicians. They each send me one 19 minute and one 19 seconds piece of improvised music, sound art, noise etc . . . None of the musicians got to hear what others in the ensemble were playing. Their were no prompts for key or time signature. Just the time restraints.

After many months The COVID-19 is nearly ready to be presented to the world. Though I remain now one musician short. I may have someone to fill this spot, but if anyone else out there wanted to send me a 19 minute and 19 sec piece in the next week I’d gladly include it. There has been a surprising amount of synchronicity in this production. I was sort of expecting all out noise chaos, which is certainly present, but there’s also a degree of incidental structure and calm at times that surprise me. Of course there were many deliberate choices made on my part in the mixing process, however I never altered any track more that fades and panning.

This has been a very exciting process to be a part of and I look forward to presenting it to the world on August 21st.