Somewhere Legacy Bundle

Sales on the spring bundle were unprecedented! There is only one remaining copy of Peter Kris’ Afternoons in the Valley  which I am intentionally keep only  available in the  bundle.  For this reason I have rebundled the spring releases! In the link below you’ll find access to the new bundle of the three remaining spring release albums under the “Somewhere Legacy Bundle”


Spring Bundle 2019 Released

Here they are the first Histamine Tapes releases of 2019!  Four amazing works of drone, ambient, sound collage and improvised music, and my first ever double cassette release!


End of the Year List

Here are the albums that accompanied me on my work at Histamine Tapes in 2018

Lucy Railton Paradise 94
Divide and Dissolve ABOMINATION
Lisa/Liza Momentary Glance
Endless Chasm Saṃsāra Eternal
Sebastiano Carghini Habituated By Reason
Leaaves Panacea for Lightweights
Bus Gas / Amulets Immortal Yeller / Mountains Past
Dave Holland Uncharter Territories
Grouper Grid of Points
Odd Nosdam Lost Wigs of Ohio
Uniform/TheBody Mental Wounds Not Healing
Nine Inch Nails Bad Witch
John Coltrane Both Directions at Once
Toshimaru Nakamura Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9)
The Cradle Bag of Holding
Nadja Sonnborner
Jo Bled Hearing Voices Circle EP
Wren Kitz Lovebird
Greg Nahabedian Hunger Detail
Maryam Sirvan Untamed Terror
Kuzu Hijaisuus





Winter Bundle 2018 Released

I have three new releases that explore the reaches of ambient drone music. Lush, meditative soundscapes to ease you  through this holiday season.

Use this last link to buy the whole winter bundle and save!

Stay tuned the Antihistamine 2018 compilation comes out soon . . .