It’s probably no surprise to fans of Histamine Tapes, but I love ambient guitar works. Though myself I have attempted to cultivate an ambient bass guitar movement, I still go back to my six string favorites for inspiration, and this one by droneroom is a new one to add to that list. Plain and simple, this is solo guitar improvisations with plenty of reverb washes and loops to scratch that ambient guitar itch. This doesn’t sit in the background this. This piece gets loud at times and chaotic. An interesting take on the theme of love. I went with Blakes suggestion to make the jcards Valentine’s themed. Each jcard is a unique take on pretty uniform theme. I cut up Valentine’s cards to create this collage. Each tape also comes with pieces from a various collection of those Valentine’s we all shared with each other in elementary school.

Recorded at Here There Are No Answers in Las Vegas Nevada

Happy V Day Yall.

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