Happy Bandcamp Friday friends of Histamine Tapes.

It’s been a pretty funny winter here up in the north country, but after fits and starts a proper winter is upon us with a fresh layer of snow, and subzero temperatures heading into this weekend. If your stranded inside desperate to stay warm this latest collaboration between Boban Ristevski and Toni Dimitrov. This is an excellent work of minimalist sound designs with many of the classic elements of musique concrete. Mysterious field recordings of people possibly rummaging through unknown objects appear to meet somekind of prepared string instrument or synth. Who knows. Sit back, give it a listen and you decide.


This is a digital only release and like last year a portion of the proceeds from digital releases will be donated to an environmental charity. Last year your purchases helped to plant 220 trees via One Tree Planted. This year I wanted to do something for water ways. I have become a little obsessed with water since I got a hydrophone, and I thought what better way to honor my recent muse of the Winooski river then through donating to Friends of the Winooski. I became familiar with them because they help organize a day every fall where volunteers clean up the river. They literally have folks walking down down the shores and paddling the entire Winooski river and removing trash. What a tedious task that illustrates your devotion to the planet! I recently found out they are doing so much more, find out here: https://winooskiriver.org/what-we-do Please consider paying a little for Collab 58 to help out.

In other Bandcamp Friday news the 2023 bundle is now up available for purchase! If you snoozed last year you can catch up on all 2022 HT releases in one purchase. Thats 9 tapes of $36 plus shipping. https://histaminetapes.bandcamp.com/album/supine-ht082 I’m hoping to clear stock to make room for this years releases which I am working on right now. Only a couple weeks away until dronerooms album is released. A solo guitar drone Valentine. I’m very excited about the latest from Another Dark December’s album, I’m working on an art zine for it, that I can’t wait to show you all. Keep up to speed on new HT music here: https://histaminetapes.bandcamp.com/album/histamine-tapes-2023

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