It’s the last release of 2022, or is it the first release of 2023. Maybe both? This certainly deserves someone’s end of the year list treatment.

The music of Portland, Oregon producer Mario Rudd has been on rotation pretty heavily at HT HQ since I ran across their music in 2019. If you all like a little Dada with your hip hop this will be right up your alley. Over all this is beat driver music, that draws inspiration from the world of hip hop and techno, yet there is an ambient haze that permeates all of it. Unlike mainstream hip hop the MC is buried in the mix and met with elements of noise with the other familiar elements of electronic music. It’s reminiscent of those projects where it’s a person screaming into a suit case full of pedals, and then there’s beats to it, and so much more. It’s been a fun release to discover.

The jcards we’re equally as fun to work on. There are the more concrete elements of the gastromycetes (puffball) mushroom, made abstract by being removed from all context. Add to that the random blue shapes I cut from a photocopied hymnal from a local Catholic church and you get something superbly simple yet bizarre. As you can tell I’m quite proud of myself.

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