My 2019 Histamine Tapes release Not The Motion Picture Soundtrack to the Anthropocene and its follow up What Traveling Through Water Feels Like. Were both very intense labors of love about the extremely depressing topic of anthropogenic climate change.
First of the series was the result of 3 years of recording and very sporadic mixing. The second was the result of much shorter time span, of very intense recording and processing. Both recording/editing sessions produced more than I wanted to use for either album. The end result of all of that is this new digital only album.

I failed to get it together in time before release date, but I will have a physical bundle I will be offering with this as soon as I get home from vacation. The bundle will be the first I have made available some tapes that I have released with Lurker Bias, Cavern Brew, Flophouse and Forever Escaping Boredom. Stay tuned for that in the coming few days.

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