rafraîchissant by Alexander Adams Out Now!

Back in 2016 when I began searching for labels to release my own music Alexander Adams was one of the first folks to even respond to me. He graciously released my album on his label Lurker Bias https://lurkerbias.bandcamp.com/album/tachal-dhal which helped to inform my own decision to start Histamine Tapes. Its very much a pleasure to return the favor all these later with rafraîchissant

This is an album that can be both brutal and refreshing. There are moments in these long form drones that feel challenging to the normal ambient listener, but then it opens up and even an brief melody appears. It is as adventurous as it is playful. Adams is clearly having fun here. I feel like you all will as well.

Pick up a tape here:


I had a blast crafting these jcards from books on diy home repair, and a cook book. There isn’t a single one that I feel lukewarm about.

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