International Shipping

The past year or so international shipping has been such a nightmare! I set a shipping price on the merch page in bandcamp, and inevitably by the time the tape comes out and someone orders it, the price has gone up. I always feel bad asking folks to pay more than advertised especially when shipping was already super high, so I end up eating the difference. This has now become unsustainable, and I honestly can’t justify charging $20 for someone to get a cassette tape. To add to all of this, I am paying so much in shipping to get international artist their copies of the tapes, that I am not making anything at all. Not that any of this was ever about money, but I’ve always told myself I would run this label as long as it was self sustaining.

In order to keep HT running I’m having to make some changes. First I am taking a hiatus from accepting demos from folks outside of North America. Second all shipping outside of the U.S. has been set to $100 since I have no way to block international purchases on bandcamp. If you live outside the U.S. and want a tape from HT please reachout to me via email and we can work out the shipping price then. But to be honest, it not going to a number your going to want to hear.

I thank you all in advance for understanding.

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