Epic Bandcamp Friday

Welcome Friends of Histamine Tapes to yet another Bandcamp Friday. While the news of impending world war, and probable future collapse of Bandcamp is weighing on me, I still feel very excited about the music I have to offer you all.

Preorders for The Marble Admiral are now live! Secure yourself a tape with the link below. The album will be released next Friday, but in the meantime you’ll get the tracks Passion for Eternity and Ambrosio’s Punishment.


If you haven’t already check out the video for Passion for Eternity:

There are also still copies of Talking to Trees by The Corrupting Sea available for preorder.

There are also still copies of the Sinistre cassette by .cut

Such a great year here at Histamine Tapes! I’m so happy for all the artists who have shared music with me this year.

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