2021 and Beyond

Due to the obvious 2020 was a shit year. I hate to celebrate it when it was so tragic for so many people, but for Histamine Tapes 2020 was a surprisingly successful year. I’m really bummed I didn’t get to release all the tapes I wanted to however all the tapes I did put out sold better than in previous years. I don’t care to spend the energy speculating why, I’m just grateful for that.

2020 also gave me the opportunity to expand the net label side of HT which is something I wanted to emphasize more from the beginning but really haven’t had the time for. There were 3 compilations, and great releases from myself and Jacob Levesque, MUTATE, and Steven Lichti and Pete Rahn. If you missed these please go hunt them down on the Histamine Tapes bandcamp.

I also had the opportunity to release the first HT vinyl which feels weird to celebrate since I had no part of its creation. None the less is very cool and a very beautiful LP. https://histaminetapes.bandcamp.com/album/illogical-irrational-dimensions-ht045

2021 will begin with the 50th release. This milestone and the way the past year panned out has got me thinking about the way HT operates. I really liked doing fewer releases last year, so I’m planning on making that a permanent change. It helps me focus more on each album and making sure I get the time to promote them all individually. So no more releasing bundles all at once.

This year will showcase more diversity in genre you’ve seen from me in the past. I feel like I’ve acquired this reputation as an ambient music label, and want to make it clear I’m not that exclusively. In fact the first release of the year is rhythmic. That being said your not going to be seeing any pop or EDM from here any time soon. This music is all still very much experimental and weird as hell. I’ll even be releasing my first offering to the harsh noise community; plus there’s more free jazz, improvised music and doom metal on the way.

In other news I’m beginning to do research into digital distribution. Its likely a long way off, and will begin only with my own releases but you may in the future be able to find some of the HT catalog on streaming services.

The first release of 2021 will be out February 23rd from Japanese minimalist techno composer Takahiro Mukai. Surely many of you have heard of Takahiro as their work is on just about every tapelabel on the planet right now. Get a taste of the album Lazy Cooking below.


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