Here it is! The 4th Annual No Synth Compilation

I hoped to fill this COVID time with so many collaborations. I imagined vastness of empty hours filled tinkering with pedals, and homemade instruments, and mashing all those sounds in totally meaningless ways in a DAW. Then I woke up from that dream and remembered I am a father and an essential worker.

My experience attempting a collaboration ( left me realizing that most of us are essential workers. This myth in the media of the many waiting at home for jobs to open up, or triaging zoom meetings is simply not a reality for most folks, particularly in the U.S. and particularly among musicians. In order to put foods on our table, many of us have had to keep putting food on other folks tables, or drive folks around, or take care of peoples children . . . The long story short is that folks haven’t had the time to create anything.

So that gave me the idea to make this years no synth compilation accessible to those with a lack of time. It is a simple theme. Just send me 19 seconds of sound. Any sound, Any Genre, just no synth,

I’ve very impressed what the artists here came up with, and think you all will be as well.

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