Upcoming releases on Histamine Tapes

I’m finally getting together a proper schedule of upcoming releases. This will soon be reflected in the Upcoming section of my website which hasn’t been updated since pre pandemic times.

First off is the annual Antihistamine No Synth comp. This year’s theme is 19 second tracks. That will be released in the next couple of weeks.

November will bring a new release on bandcamp friday. Histamine Tapes first vinyl release! This will come in the form of improvised music from the duo of Steven Lichti and Pete Rahn.  You can familiarize your self with their previous work while we wait for records to come. 


The next cassette release is from DC based mourning dove. The album is called  “are you tired”  this one has lyrics even.  But don’t worry it’s still totally weird! Keep an eye on the HT Instagram in the coming days to get a look at the art for that.

December I’ll be bringing you a tape from Swedish ambient instrumentalist Marstrand. Their past work has appeared on Do You Dream of Noise. 

January I’m taking a break, but February I’ll be releasing new work from Japanese composer Takahiro Mukai.

Even more TBA.

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