Antihistamine: The Second Annual No Synth Compilation

This is the second annual no synth compilation. This year I have adopted a new name for it: Antihistamine. I’m also going with a theme: Sound Collage. So send me your best cut-up, sonic tapestry, audio scraping booking opus; so long as it’s got no synth.

Some details:

there can be no synthesizers used in the making of your track*
no HNW (just be sparing with your harsh noise usage)
Keep tracks under 10 minutes
Clearly denote artist and track name
unreleased material only
please send some liner notes (in particular I want to know about
your process and the instruments used
All tracks must be in some way “experimental.” No pop and nothing
dancey, I prefer music without a beat
WAV or FLAC only
WeTransfer tracks to

Compilation will be digital only release @ aa a pay what you want download

*I’m looking for things that do not use electronically generate sounds as its primary sources. Using a computers to process real instruments is with effects is totally fine.

You can RSVP on facebook


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