Its finally starting to feel like spring in Vermont, just in time for that is a spring batch of releases. Three distinct aural incarnations of experimental ambient music.

NUM is an electronic duo formed by Milad Bagheri and Maryam Sirvan in 2010 in northern Iran where the Alborz mountains meet the Caspian sea. The duo is now based in Tbilisi, Gerogia.
The concentration of NUM is on experimental electroacoustic music where they can create unique atmospheres by combining processed acoustic sounds and natural sonic materials with electronics.

I’m very exciting about this work from Kansas native Zs Lawrence aka Endless Chasm. His work inspired me to submit my own work to another cassette label. these quiet drones are right at home at Histamine Tapes

A collection of slasher drones, from Ontario’s building castles out of matchsticks

The premise of these recordings are the traumatic histories involved with horror movie “slashers”. In real life I work as a nurse on a forensic assessment unit and have seen how dissociation can lead to major psychosis, which then paves the way for violent offending. When a judge feels a psychiatric evaluation is required they are seen by the team that work on my unit. I have worked with many violent/sexual offenders who have incredibly horrific and painful past histories.

I often wonder if removing these histories would have resulted in a totally different person.


These tapes are moving very fast. Get your copy today. If you want all three at a discount price follow the link and scroll down to “Spring Bundle”




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