1. Its with great pleasure that I  present Histamine Tapes first batch of releases!

Available to streaming, for pay what you want download, and on cassette!

These tapes were a labor of love. Each cassette dubbed in real time (limited to 25 copies). J-Cards were hand cut from a variety of coffee table books. The music represented here is nothing short of amazing. I’m failing to come up with words describe just how I feel about them. I have listened to them all countless times, and I will continue to listen to them more. I honestly feel you will all do the same!

Get your own copy on bandcamp. If cassette isn’t your thing, please consider dropping a few bucks on a download, all proceeds from that will be split with the artists.

Click the links below to purchase individual albums, or save some cash on the whole bundle by choosing the Winter Bundle option under the link for sp3ct3cr’s micro doses. Download codes can be provided for the other releases in the bundle if you want the digital version available on your bandcamp account.

Jacob Levesque Move, Work, Architectural Witch

Jeff Brown Reticent

sp3ct3rs micro doses

Subversive Intentions Variations on the Seinfeld Theme



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