It began with a simple premise: gather tracks for a survey of experimental music that doesn’t include synthesizer. I have often found my music to seem out of place on other compilations. Paired with vaporwave, plunderphonics, and the many midi driven tracks produced by Ableton technicians; my pieces felt so primitive. Granted I loved that diversity, I found myself craving an environment that my music felt “right” in.

That’s when Histamine Tapes was born.

This compilation serves as a manifesto of sound for HT. It gives it a direction to take off on, and what an amazing direction! These are all excellent tracks, combining to be one of my favorite comps this year (ok I’m biased, I know). Many artists took this opportunity to showcase what they do, others took it as a challenge to create outside the box of synthesizer music, still others were offended or constrained by this rule and scoffed at it. The result is something I’m very proud of, and glad to house at Histamine Tapes.



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