The day has arrived! If your wanting to get in on the No Synth Compilation this year today is the day to get your submission to me. I will be accepting submissions until midnight EST (unless other arrangements have been made). At this point I am only waiting on submissions from a couple of artists, so this should come out pretty quickly. I will be spending the next week giving this a thorough listen and adjusting volumes of the louder and quieter pieces.

The pieces I have received so far are exceptional. Thanks to everyone who has taken up the challenge of the no synth compilation! You are all amazing!

Call Out For Submissions to Compilation
This is my first call out for a compilation. Its a pretty simple one to go along with the ethos of HT: the first annual No Synth Noise Compilation. Its open to any genre of experimental music. There are only a few restrictions:

there can be no synthesizers


used in the making of your track, and

please no HNW (just be sparing with your harsh noise usage).
Some other details:

Keep tracks under 10 minutes (I’ll be doing a long form Compilation in the


Clearly denote artist and track name

I prefer previously unreleased material

I would love to include any information you feel is pertinent to the track (i.e.

instruments used, liner note type of information) or any artwork.

WAV or FLAC only

WeTransfer tracks to

Compilation will be digital only release on the HT bandcamp as a free

Deadline: Dec 1 2017

#cassette #CassetteCulture #compilation #experimental music #noise #drone #avantgarde #musiqueconcrete #NoSynth #netlabel


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